Dynamic glass for solar control

We see it everywhere. Glass has been a dominating material in the construction of modern buildings in the last decades. A trend that has given us beautiful architectural creations that provide light and open settings. At the same time, the use of glass façades places high demands on how energy should be handled, with respect to the environment, comfort and sustainability.

Discover the power of electrochromic glass

We wanted to develop a product that can tackle all these issues. ConverLight® is an electrochromic glass with dynamic solar control features that can be used in all types of glass solutions, from a single glass pane to an insulating glass unit. When sunlight hit the façade, the dynamic glass tints darker and incoming solar radiation is reduced. You won’t even notice the transformation in real-time. The result? Increased indoor comfort and solar control on demand.

Reduced radiation and noise control

With ConverLight dynamic glass you don’t have to fear the effects of direct sunlight. ConverLight offers UV protection that significantly reduces the level of solar radiation up to 90%. Regardless of season, weather and time of day, the dynamic glass provides perfect working environment – with reduced reflections on computer screens, lower light contrasts and effective noise reduction.

Architectural freedom  

Besides being flexible and easy to install, ConverLight dynamic glass is an architect’s dream material. Our dynamic glass is suitable for new construction, reconstruction, renovation and gives the architect full freedom of design as our solution does not affect the appearance of the façade. Finally you can avoid the use of unattractive looking external solar protection.

ConverLight can even be delivered as bent glass, an insulated glass unit and other shapes such as triangle, round, polygon etc. The dynamic glass solution consists of two tempered glass panes and a laminate layer, and the glass sections can be as large as 1.55 x 4.40 m. 

Environment friendly and cost effective

Large glass windows can often lead to skyrocketing operational and maintenance costs. ConverLight dynamic glass works as an automatic climate system that handle the heat surplus of radiation, cooling the indoor facilities when needed. This makes ConverLight a very cost efficient solution for all buildings.  

Lower energy use also means a reduced environmental footprint. We are very proud over the fact that ConverLight fulfills the requirements of environmental certifications such as LEED, BREEAM and Green Building.  

In short – why ConverLight dynamic glass?

  • Reduced undesirable heat influx
  • Stepless change of light transmission
  • Automatically or manually controlled
  • Improved indoor comfort
  • Reduced solar reflection
  • Less sun glare
  • Access to daylight
  • No need for external solar protection
  • Sound reduction
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sustainability


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