Free access to daylight and views

More light, less energy

ConverLight works as an automatic climate system that blocks unwanted solar heat before it even enters the building, keeping the facilities cool and generates a stabilized indoor climate where the temperature is adapted to the current season. This guarantees a pleasant indoor climate without losing the benefits that natural daylight has on the human body.
With ConverLight you can avoid the use of external solar protection that can be perceived as misplaced and difficult to maintain. Our products are easy to install and suitable for new construction, retrofit and renovation. ConverLight can be delivered as an insulated glass unit, in several different shapes and even as curved glass.

Watch the release film for our latest product ConverLight® Paragon

With ConverLight Paragon ChromoGenics has managed to create a facade glass that combines the unique ability of the dynamic glass to automatically shift transparency following the sun light with world class insulating capacity.
The result is a window that improves comfort and economy and has a positive impact on the climate.

Customer project - The Diocese of Västerås

"It feels like I'm working inside of a painting every day"

200 square meters of ConverLight® were installed in order to provide increased indoor comfort without losing the architectural freedom of design. A nice and healthy indoor environment was created by providing necessary daylight entry, UV protection, comfortable temperature and an open view.


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