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The future is dynamic

ChromoGenics creates the future in solar control solutions. Our unique glass, ConverLight® and I-Window, is a simple, sustainable and flexible way to design attractive buildings. We elevate your everyday environment to its full potential.

“We now have ConverLight® dynamic glass in three of our properties and can confirm significant improvements of the indoor climate. In the interest of our tenants, we would like to upgrade all of our properties with the same solution.”
Bo Saldeen
CEO, Saldeen Real Estate AB


Holmøy Maritime AS

At the administrative office of Holmøy Maritime AS, ConverLight dynamic glass offers daylight and uninterrupted views of the Norwegian fjords while reducing both unwanted solar heat radiation and glare.


More light, less energy

Sunlight can be a problematic factor in many workspaces. Our groundbreaking electrochromic glass technology gives the possibility to overcome all these obstacles. ConverLight is a dynamic glass that provides effective solar protection without the loss of essential daylight.

ConverLight windows adapt automatically or manually to direct sunlight and solar radiation – creating increased indoor comfort and energy saving facilities. Without ruining the view or changing the façades esthetic appearance with any external equipment.


Baldergymnasiet in Skellefteå

In 2016 ChromoGenics begun to deliver ConverLight dynamic glass to Baldergymnasiet in Skellefteå, Sweden. ConverLight provide the buildings with efficiently regulated solar control, which contributes to improved energy efficiency and indoor comfort as well as providing added value for environmental certification of the real estate.

Why ConverLight?

The sustainable solution

In a time when glass is the dominating trend in modern architecture, there is an obvious challenge to design attractive buildings that also fulfill the requirements of sustainability. ChromoGenics has solved this problem. With ConverLight glass the energy consumption is lower, regardless of season, and the environmental footprint is therefore heavily reduced.

Learn more about our technology with the help of our former CEO.

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