ConverLight® Static


CoverLight® Static

ConverLight Static glass is the market leading static solar control solution. The patented solution gives a great heat blocking effect in combination with a great heat insulation. In wintertime the static glass is very effective against down draft.
Very simple to integrate when retrofitting existing buildings and can easily be combined with e.g. self-cleaning, extra clear, sound reduction, safety and fire glass.
ConverLight Statics unique and patented solution has up to 40% lower direct solar transmittance than similar competing products on the market but still has similar light transmission.
  • Energy savings up to 40%
  • 50% light transmission
  • Reduced the carbon dioxide footprint
  • Even and comfortable indoor climate
  • Access to the daylight and outside view
  • Anti-condensation
  • All shapes and sizes up to 3 x 6 m

Customer project – Static glass

The Diocese of Västerås

ConverLight Static glass helped provide increased indoor comfort without losing the architectural freedom of design.
  • Perfect indoor climate
  • Increased comfort
  • Energy and cost effective
  • Reduced environmental impact

ConverLight® Static shows best properties

New and better way to set performance of facade glass

Professor Claes G. Granqvist (Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University) presented new glass knowledge for energy efficiency buildings at Society of Vacuum Coaters’ TechCon 2019 in Long Beach, USA. Today’s standards to decide performance of facade glass is based on measurements and calculations for solar angle of incidence of 90°, even though the sun almost never hits the glass with that angle.
ChromoGenics and Ångström laboratory have developed a new method to characterize the properties of the glass, which shows that facade glass, depending on the design, can have up to 35% better performance in comparison to 90° sun angle measurements. ConverLight Static did show the best properties from the examined glass.

Great insulation

The picture, taken with a heat camera, shows the comparison between an older 2-glass window and ConverLight Static from the outside with an outdoor temperature of -24°C. The walls are of an older type and have a temperature of -15°C due to leakage.
ConverLight Static highest up in the picture have almost the same temperature as the outdoor temperature. This demonstrates almost no heat leakage at all. The older 2-glass windows are leaking a lot of heat and the surface of those windows are just a few minus degrees.


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