ConverLight® Static


ConverLight Static are static insulating glass designed with the best static glass on the market for your specific needs, such as more daylight, better sun protection or insulation.


Very simple to integrate when retrofitting existing buildings and can easily be combined with e.g. self-cleaning, extra clear, sound reduction, safety and fire glass.

  • More daylight
  • Better solar control
  • Better insulation
  • All shapes and sizes up to 3 x 6 m
  • Combine with features such as antic-condensation, sound reduction, safety, fire, etc.

Customer project - The Diocese of Västerås

ConverLight® Static contributed to increased indoor comfort and energy efficiency, without losing architectural freedom of design. The installation of static solar control glass from ChromoGenics resulted in a consistent and comfortable indoor climate as well as free access to daylight and views.

It feels like I'm working inside of a painting every day

Västerås stift sommar

ChromoGenics and glass knowledge

ChromoGenics has extensive experience and knowledge of static glass through a close collaboration with Uppsala University and the real estate industry.

An example of this is that ChromoGenics in collaboration with Professor Claes G. Granqvist (Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University) presented new glass knowledge for energy efficiency buildings at Society of Vacuum Coaters’ TechCon 2019 in Long Beach, USA. Today’s standards to decide performance of facade glass is based on measurements and calculations for solar angle of incidence of 90°, even though the sun almost never hits the static glass with that angle.

ChromoGenics and Ångström laboratory have developed a new method to characterize the properties of the glass, which shows that facade glass, depending on the design, may have different angular performance compared to perpendicular to the glass. This new method can be a good complement to today’s established methods.


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