ConverLight® Static (I-Window)

Savings will facilitate the investment

Today many of the buildings in Sweden have old window solutions that should be replaced due to both environmental and economic reasons. Implemented installations of ConverLight Static shows energy savings up to 40 %. Reduced energy consumption is not only generating both economic and environmental profits but also an increased property value that in turn will facilitate the investment.

All our products have one thing in common – they are reducing the carbon dioxide footprint from the buildings where our products are installed. The ChromoGenics product ConverLight Static will, by the energy saving properties, contribute to a sustainable society.

The environment is very important to us and all our glass suppliers are certified by several environmental acknowledgments as Cradle to Cradle CertificationTM that will secure recycling of all materials.

ChromoGenics is also offering to handle installation in the building.

Product Properties

ConverLight Static is market leading in its applications by minimizing the solar energy transmission through the window and still maintaining the light transmission in the visible area. This will create an even and comfortable indoor climate and also access to the daylight and outside view. With 50% light transmission in the visible area the glass is suitable in façade applications in buildings like offices with a large glass area. The glass is anti-condensation treated.

Market leading performance

ConverLight Statics unique and patented solution has up to 40% lower direct solar transmittance in normal use than similar competing products on the market but still similar light transmission. This is a good measure of the perceived comfort of the product.

Great insulation

Heat camera from the outside (-24° C outdoor temperature)

The pictures taken with a heat camera shows the comparison between an older 2-glass window and ConverLight Static from the outside with an outdoor temperature of -24°C. The walls are of an older type and have a temperature of -15°C due to leakage. The older 2-glass windows are leaking a lot of heat and the surface of those windows are just a few minus degrees.

ConverLight Static highest up in the picture have almost the same temperature as the outdoor temperature. This demonstrates almost no heat leakage at all.



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