Skellefteå municipality is investing in energy saving and has chosen ChromoGenics’ dynamic glass for Baldergymnasiet in Skellefteå

ChromoGenics AB (publ) has completed commissioning of ConverLight™ dynamic glass at Baldergymnasiet in Skellefteå. Skellefteå municipality is early on with new technology for sustainable construction, with better energy saving and indoor comfort. The project was started in 2016.

ChromoGenics signed an agreement in 2016 to deliver ConverLight™ dynamic glass to Baldergymnasiet in Skellefteå. The project included both a renovation and an expansion project. ConverLight™ provides buildings with efficiently regulated solar control, which contributes to improved energy efficiency and indoor comfort as well as providing added value for environmental certification of real estate.

“We are proud to be part of this project focusing on environment and sustainability,” initiates Thomas Almesjö, CEO of ChromoGenics. “Our product ConverLight™ controls heat and light emitting while maintaining daylight and full view to the outside world. This results in energy savings and increases the comfort and well-being of people staying in the building. In addition, ConverLight™ contributes to lower maintenance costs as well as environmental certification of buildings, which is high on today’s agenda to achieve European environmental goals to reduce CO2 emissions by 20 percent by 2020. It is inspiring that Skellefteå municipality is at an early stage with a clear agenda for a more sustainable future,” concludes Thomas Almesjö.

“We want to offer students and teachers modern and attractive premises to stay in. ConverLight™ dynamic glass was chosen to secure energy savings, and to prevent any investment in air conditioning system for the building. ConverLight™ contributes to enhanced indoor comfort, thus improving the efficiency and work environment for students and teachers. During the winter months, ConverLight™ can be configured to allow daylight and heat radiation from the sun. Furthermore, we estimate that ConverLight™ dynamic glass will reduce our maintenance costs compared to the exterior fixed awnings we used to have,” says Robin Söderlund, Property Manager, Support and Facilities, Skellefteå Municipality.

“We are committed to a sustainable future where strategic technology choices such as ConverLight™ enable significant progresses. This is part of a larger EU project, RESSEPE, within energy efficiency that is taking place in our municipality,” concludes Gustaf Ulander, Coordinator International Unit, Skellefteå Municipality.

For more information see the video: Baldergymnasiet in Skelleftea municipality 

Thomas Almesjö, CEO
Susanne Andersson, CFO & Head of Communications
Tel: +46 18 430 0430

About ChromoGenics
ChromoGenics is a leader in dynamic glass with controllable heat- and light transmission. The company’s unique electrochromic technology ConverLight™, provides sustainable solar control with increased indoor comfort and energy efficiency. In 2016 the company started commercial sales to real estate projects in Scandinavia.

ChromoGenics is located in Uppsala and has about 20 employees. The technology is derived from the world leading research center at Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University. The plant has been partly financed by a conditional loan from the Swedish Energy Agency. ChromoGenics share (CHRO) is listed on Nasdaq First North Stockholm with G&W Fondkommission as Certified Adviser. 

About the municipality of Skellefteå

Skellefteå grows. The cityscape changes every day with new bodies moving up and drawing new lines in the Skellefteå silhouette. Business, private individuals, public authorities and municipalities help to contribute to the largest building boom we have experienced in Skellefteå for over 20 years. All in line with our efforts to be 80,000 inhabitants in 2030. Part of the development is also to change and adapt existing buildings to new ways of use as well as new technologies. Baldergymnasiet has undergone a major renovation and expansion as part of the upper secondary school in Skellefteå. 

About the project RESSEEPE

The project is funded by the EU’s Seventh Framework Program, in the field of energy-efficient buildings. The purpose is to show new ways to make existing public buildings more energy efficient, both through planning efforts and using new technologies. At Baldergymnasiet, new insulation techniques, dynamic glass and energy-saving LED lighting are used. In the international project RESSEEPE, 25 partners in 10 different countries have collaborated, and efforts are being made in three locations in Europe – Skellefteå, Coventry and Barcelona. 

Gustaf Ulander, Coordinator International Unit, Skellefteå Municipality
Tel: +46 70 238 4640

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