ChromoGenics triples its quotation stock

Demand for ChromoGenic’s glass products has increased sharply in 2019. In January, the volume of offers was SEK 120 million. On June 4, the company has active customer offers of SEK 331 million.

During the past year, ChromoGenics has changed and expanded the sales organization and also broadened and improved the customer offering. This is behind ChromoGenic’s great growth in quotation volume; from SEK 120 million in January to SEK 331 million in June.

The time period from quote to order is between 6 months and 2 years depending on the nature of the project. It is a shorter cycle on refurbishment projects compared to new constructions. ChromoGenic’s quotation stock contains a good mix between these two types of projects.

So far, over 80% of the offers have led to an order and ChromoGenic’s hope is that this will continue to be the case.

“It is very gratifying that our sales efforts provide such a good result. However, in order to cope with growth, we need to secure capacity and security in the deliveries. Already at today’s volumes we are strained in the capacity and have had to go up to two shifts. It is therefore very valuable that we carry out the acquisition of sputtering machines as previously announced. Purchasing these state-of-the-art machines gives us the necessary capacity within 6 months compared to 18 to 24 months if we would have ordered new machines. It was an opportunity that appeared, which we are very grateful for”, says ChromoGenics CEO Jerker Lundgren.


Jerker Lundgren, CEO
Lars Ericsson, CFO and Head of Communications
Tel: +46 (0)18 430 0430
Certified Adviser: G&W Fondkommission, e-mail:, tel.: +46 (0) 8 503 000 50

Every care has been taken in the translation of this document. In the event of discrepancies, the Swedish original will supersede the English translation.

About ChromoGenics
ChromoGenics offers dynamic glass with controllable heat- and light transmission and static glass with world leading performance. The company’s unique technology ConverLight® provides sustainable solar control for increased indoor comfort and energy efficiency. ConverLight also contributes to Green Building certifications. In 2016 the company started commercial sales to real estate projects in Scandinavia.

ChromoGenics is located in Uppsala, Sweden, and the technology is derived from the world leading research center at Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University. The plant has been partly financed by a conditional loan from the Swedish Energy Agency. ChromoGenics share (CHRO) is listed on 

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