Mechanical strength and durability of our dynamic glass are tested according to international standards for laminated safety and security glass. The security properties of the dynamic laminate have been tested according to EN ISO 356 and meet the requirements for class P4A, the tests have been conducted externally by RISE-SP. P4A means a high security class against vandalism / smash and grab, which is of great importance in many of our customer projects, especially in school buildings and commercial properties.

ChromoGenics performs thorough tests of our electrochromic glass to ensure the quality and durability of the product. Tests are conducted in the following areas:

  • Light and temperature to determine optics and temperature properties are measured spectral properties to calculate optics and temperature data for the different glass configurations.
  • The dynamic (electrochromic) function is tested based on internally developed tests and international ISO test standards. Internal tests are accelerated tests developed to show at least 20 years of life. The internal tests have been developed in consultation with experts in lifetime tests for electrochemical systems.
  • Mechanical strength and durability are tested according to international standards for laminated safety and protective glass such as EN ISO 12543-4, EN ISO 12600, EN ISO 1288-3 and EN ISO 356.
  • Noise-reducing properties are tested externally at RISE-SP according to EN ISO 10140-2, where the result Rw = 35dB has been achieved.

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