ChromoGenics & Ångström Laboratory is presenting new glass knowledge for energy efficiency buildings on Society of Vacuum Coaters.


Professor Claes G. Granqvist (Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University) presented a new and better way to set performance of façade glass. This was taken place at Society of Vacuum Coaters’ TechCon 2019 in Long Beach, USA.


Today’s standards to decide performance of façade glass is based on measurements and calculations for solar angle of incidence of 90°. This technique is used even if the sun almost never hits the glass with that angle. The presentation demonstrates that the sun angle has an angle that it clearly affects the properties of the façade glass. By this ChromoGenics and Ångström laboratory have developed a new method to characterize the properties of the glass. This new method shows that façade glass, depending on the design, can have up to 35% better performance in comparison to 90° sun angle measurements. ConverLight Static (previous I-Window) did show the best properties from the examined glass.

“We are very glad that we in co-operation with Ångström can bring new knowledge to the glass business. We also think this new knowledge will be very useful for the business in total as it will be easier in the construction work if one better understands the true properties of the glass. It is also great to verify the properties we did know since before from our acquisition of I-Window. We are continuing the strive to be the innovative leader in the business”, says CEO Jerker Lundgren.



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