ChromoGenics dynamic glass are now included in IDA ICE and ESBO

ChromoGenics dynamic glass laminates are now included in IDA ICE and ESBO, the simulation tools allow you to build and test your own glass combinations and use prepared suggestions for dynamic insulating glass.

IDA Indoor Climate and Energy (IDA ICE) is EQUA’s construction performance software, a new type of simulation tool that takes construction performance to another level. It models the building exactly, its systems and controllers – ensures the lowest possible energy consumption and the best possible comfort for the people in the building. Simulation example:

  • Natural and hybrid ventilation
  • Demand-controlled ventilation
  • Heating and cooling
  • User-defined systems and facilities
  • Ventilated facades and windows
  • Daylight calculations

Link to live demos, seminars and trial version:

ESBO is a simulation tool for optimizing building design based on IDA Indoor Climate and Energy (IDA ICE). ESBO key features:

  • Energy and comfort studies
  • Study a room or an entire building
  • Compare different heating, cooling and ventilation systems
  • Compare different glass, sun protection and construction materials
  • Easy to use

Link to the Swedish Sun Protection Association’s free version:

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