ChromoGenics initiates a co-operation with Samsung

ChromoGenics introduces “the second generation” autonomous control system for ConverLight dynamic glasses. The system rests on the experiences from our completely autonomous solution presented in February 2019. The second-generation autonomous system can now control and monitor wirelessly with an APP. The power supply is still accomplished by a small solar panel.

ChromoGenics has developed small modular circuit boards with flexible radio modules, which can be connected to the new control system. This means that the dynamic glasses in a real estate can communicate internally and be wirelessly controlled.

Based on this, ChromoGenics has initiated a cooperation with Samsung. The scope of the cooperation is to certify the autonomous control system for connection to Samsung SmartThings. The customers will then be able to handle their sun protection installation with ordinary Smartphones and Tablets over a well proven IoT platform with Samsung’s components and modules.

The certification is expected to be performed during Q3 2020. Test installations are already set up for ChromoGenics to be able to identify the customers need of services.

“This is a ground-breaking solution which creates completely new markets for us. We are no longer dependent on complicated wire installations and advanced control boxes. We will now be able to offer wireless plug-n-play solutions for smaller installations suitable for window companies, glaziers, and others” says CEO Jerker Lundgren.

framsida (kopia)


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