Meet us at Building Green in Copenhagen

Come and meet ChromoGenics at Building Green in Copenhagen, Denmark 30 & 31 October 2019, we will be in stand number 68. We will present our dynamic smart glass that provides sustainable solar control for increased indoor comfort and energy efficiency in buildings.

The technology in our smart dynamic glas stops solar heat before it even enters the building. Our dynamic solution adjusts the solar transmittance depending on conditions such as time of day, outdoor temperature and window position. The effect is that the window block the solar heat when it is warm and let the solar heat in when it is cold, in order to regulate the indoor comfort.

ConverLight reduce the use of cooling energy by blocking unwanted solar heat before it enters the building, keeping the facilities cool and generating a stabilized indoor climate. Energy and sustainability go hand in hand; therefore, a lower energy consumption also means a reduced environmental footprint. With our products you can achieve energy saving of 30-40% and also decrease the building’s CO2 emissions.


The ConverLight Foil

We have developed a electrochromic foil that has revolutionized the smart dynamic glass market. By using a multilayer structure between two electrochromic plastic layers, we create a flexible and lightweight ConverLight® foil. An electronic control unit automatically regulates the tone of the film and the solar transmission, for example by connecting to a sensor network. By applying a low electrical voltage to the electrochromic foil, the solar transmittance and tone are controlled discretely.

We deliver ConverLight foil as laminated glass or as an insulating glass unit with two, three or four glass. Spacers and gas are selected according to the desired function, needs and requirements.

smart glass foil Illustration: ConverLight electrochromic foil

Since the foil only uses electricity during the time when the tone changes, it is very energy efficient. We also offer fully self-sustaining dynamic glass, powered by integrated solar cells. We have the environment in mind during the entire life cycle of the product and an environmental product declaration published, where the environmental impact of the product is declared. ConverLight’s energy reducing features contribute to fullfillment of requirements in environmental certification schemes such as BREEAM, LEED, Green building and Swedish scheme Miljöbyggnad.


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