Share Information

ChromoGenics AB (publ) is a “Euroclear company” and the shares are electronically registered, the share register is kept by Euroclear Sweden AB, Klarabergsviadukten 63, 111 64 Stockholm.

The company’s shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Stockholm since March 23, 2017.

All shares are of the same class, have equal rights to share the Company’s assets and profits and have one vote each without any special limitations.

Share capital on September 2, 2019 amounted to SEK 74 950 557,573 distributed over 374 752 768 shares with a quota value of SEK 0.2 per share.
ChromoGenics’ shares and warrants are traded on NASDAQ First North Stockholm.

Trading Information

ISIN-code: SE0009496268

LEI-code: 549300ULKN252K60BG25

Short name: CHRO

Only one share category exists.

Warrants series TO2

ISIN-code: SE0010662395

Short name: CHRO TO2

Subscription period:10-31 January 2020

Dividend Policy

In Swedish companies, the dividend must be proposed by the Board and decided by the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the Companies Act and the Articles of Association.

In consideration of proposals for future dividends, the Board will consider several factors, including the Company’s operations, operating profit and financial position, current and expected liquidity needs, expansion plans, contractual constraints and other significant factors.

ChromoGenics is in a development and expansion phase and therefore no dividend has ever been paid. At present, the Board intends to continue to allow the Company to balance any profits to finance the growth and operation of the business and consequently does not predict that any cash dividends will be paid in the foreseeable future.


Each share in ChromoGenics entails one (1) vote at the Annual General Meeting.
Largest owners as of 30 September, 2019


Warrant Programs

Warrant program_1

1) Both warrant programs are part of a unit issue with the right to subscribe to one share and one warrant that targets key staff and some owners and deviates from the shareholders’ preferential rights.

As a result of the rights issue in January 2018, the warrants have been recalculated so that each warrant entitles to subscription of 1,03 share to a redemption price of 5,22 SEK before the respective maturity dates. (earlier 1 share to redemption price of 5,40 SEK)

2) In connection with the acquisition of I-window International AB, 2,000,000 warrants were issued to I-window International AB and registered at the Swedish Companies Registration Office on September 12, 2018. The warrants can be exercised to SEK 2 per share and matures on December 31, 2021.

Warrant _2

1) Warrants were issued in combination with a rights issue performed during January 2018.  18,974,669 warrants (TO2) were registered at the Swedish Companies Registration Office on February 21, 2018. One (1) warrant (TO2) entitles to subscription of one (1) new share to the price of 3,50 SEK during the period January 10-31, 2020.

As a result of the completed new issues in February 2019 and July 2019, the conditions from the previously issued warrants (TO2) have been restated. After restatement, each warrant in the TO2 series is entitled to subscription of 2.02 shares at SEK 1.74. A maximum of 38,365,925 new shares can be issued with the support of warrants, which corresponds to a dilution of 11.1 percent. If fully subscribed, the Company will receive an additional SEK 66.7 million.



Certified Adviser

Erik Penser Bank has been appointed Certified Adviser for ChromoGenics.

Erik Penser Bank
telefon: 08-463 83 00

IR Contact
Lars Ericsson
CFO & Head of Communications

Lars Ericsson


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