Solar film

In addition to our solar control glasses, we offer solar film to our customers. Our customers have tough requirements regarding the environment, safety and energy savings. A passive measure, which is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective, is maintenance-free solar film. Solar film is an environmentally friendly alternative and has effect throughout all hours of the day.

Solar and energy film

Kungliga biblioteket (The Royal Library)

The Royal Library is located in Humlegården in Stockholm. The National Property Agency is responsible for managing the property. The agency is constantly trying to improve the energy and environmental status of its properties, where the majority of the properties are K-marked (listed as National Heritage). Therefore, solar and energy film became optimal for this object, the film was installed on the windows where the solar radiation entails increased energy costs and work environment problems

Solar and security film

Riddarhuset (The House of Nobility)

The House of Nobilty was built between 1641 and 1674 as a meeting room and administrative center for the knighthood and nobility. The House of Nobility is considered one of Northern Europe’s most beautiful palaces. A combined sun and safety film that reduces 99% of the harmful UV radiation was installed to correct heat and bleaching problems inside of the property as well as to prevent accidents and damage by securing glass surfaces.

The combined sun and safety film is an environmentally friendly, energy saving and maintenance-free alternative to traditional sun protection.


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