Climate Glass – Occupant Comfort


Create a better working environment

Space and furnishings are not the only important factors when you create a comfortable and healthy working environment. Indoor climate and natural light are just as vital. Everybody needs daylight to function at their best.

Optimized indoor climate with climate glass

Luckily, ConverLight® solar control glass reduces the solar heat radiation with up to 90% without losing the benefits that natural daylight has on the human body. The gentle change of tone in the dynamic climate glass creates an optimized indoor climate, without disturbing the people in the building. You won’t even notice the transformation as the ConverLight smart glass keeps the temperature stable and the amount of light in the room at the desired level.

Total control

Adapt ConverLight to your specific needs – choose between dynamic or static glass, the dynamic glass can be integrated into control solutions and be adjusted according to solar sensors, temperature sensors, calendars and even offer solar control of defined zones. You will no longer have any problems with annoying reflections on computer screens. ConverLight has great effects on the occupants’ productivity level.

Climate glass – Features

  • Optimized indoor climate
  • Gentle change of tone – no disruption
  • Access to natural daylight
  • UV radiation protection
  • Reduced screen reflection
  • Increased occupant productivity
  • Sound reduction
  • ConverLight reduces solar heat with up to 90%.

Last but not least, who doesn’t love to have unlimited views from their working space all day long?


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