Bent glass means architectural freedom

Converlight Dynamic

Åke Sundvall Byggnads AB
220 m2 | ConverLight® Dynamic

We value design flexibility and integrity

Besides being flexible and easy to install, ConverLight dynamic and static glass is an architect’s dream material. Our dynamic glass is suitable for new construction, retrofit, renovation and gives the architect full freedom of design as our solution only has minimal effect on the architectural expression of the building. Our static glass is in addition very simple to integrate when retrofitting existing buildings. Finally you can avoid the use of external solar protection that can be perceived as misplaced and difficult to maintain.

Unlimited design & functions of your choice

ConverLight can be delivered as an insulated glass unit and other shapes such as triangle, round, polygon etc and even as curved / bent glass. The dynamic glass solution consists of two tempered glass panes and a laminate layer, and the glass sections can be as large as 1.55 x 4.40 m. The static glass is available in sizes up to 3.00 x 6.00 m. In addition, ConverLight also offers UV-protection of interior materials.

ConverLight glass can easily be combined with e.g. anti-condensation, self-cleaning, extra clear, sound reduction, safety and fire glass.

Features dynamic glass:

  • Any shape possible – even curved / bent glass
  • Sizes up to 1.55 x 4.40 m
  • Preserved building expression
  • No exterior sun shades required
  • UV protection
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