Environment and Sustainability


With the environment in mind throughout the entire product life cycle

ChromoGenics works according to ISO 14001 and develops products with environment and sustainability in mind throughout the entire process. Our unique technology provides sustainable solar control for increased indoor comfort and energy efficiency.
Energy and sustainability go hand in hand; therefore, a lower energy consumption also means a reduced environmental footprint. With our products you can achieve energy saving of 30-40% and also decrease the building’s CO2 emissions.
ConverLight reduce the use of cooling energy by blocking unwanted solar heat before it enters the building, keeping the facilities cool and generating a stabilized indoor climate.
ConverLight’s energy reducing features contribute to fullfillment of requirements in environmental certification schemes such as BREEAM, LEED, Green building and Swedish scheme Miljöbyggnad.
We have an environmental product declaration (EPD), developed in accordance with ISO 14025:2010, where the life-cycle environmental impact of our product is declared. The EPD is published in The International EPD® System through EPD International AB.
Destruction of the product is certified in cooperation with Swede Glass United.



The sustainable solution

In a time when glass is the dominating trend in modern architecture, there is an obvious challenge to design attractive buildings that also fulfill the requirements of sustainability. ChromoGenics has solved this problem. With ConverLight glass the energy consumption is lower, regardless of season, and the environmental footprint is therefore heavily reduced.

Learn more about our technology with the help of our former CEO.


Baldergymnasiet in Skellefteå

In 2016 ChromoGenics begun to deliver ConverLight dynamic glass to Baldergymnasiet in Skellefteå, Sweden. ConverLight provide the buildings with efficiently regulated solar control, which contributes to improved energy efficiency and indoor comfort as well as providing added value for environmental certification of the real estate.


See a brighter future with ChromoGenics

For every property owner who chooses to install our climate-smart products, we donate to the World Wildlife Fund WWF and their climate work.


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