ConverLight® Energy

Freedom of design when it comes to solar façades

Solar cells create energy by utilizing solar radiation. It is a practical function but so far,  design possibilities has been limited. Now we change the norm. As pioneers do.
A glass with built in solar cells which makes it possible for the façade to create more energy than it consumes. Our solar panels are tailored to match an architectural desire or company profile. The glass can be delivered in selectable colors and patterns to create a unique property design.
ConverLight Energy can be ordered in any color and pattern. For example, to render an image or logotype.
  • Images and patterns can be printed
  • The pattern is printed in color, colors can be mixed on request
  • Up to 15% efficiency

Solar panel on façade

The ChromoGenic solar panel façade module is monocrystalline which has a higher efficiency and can handle several solar angles.
Therefore, we can put the solar panels on façades.
  • High light transmission
  • The cells become invisible from a distance of 5 meters
  • Each color is printed in a pattern that guarantees the highest efficiency
  • Darker colors have higher performance than lighter colors


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