Controllable heat and light transmission

The electrochromic foil we have developed has revolutionized the smart dynamic glass market. By using a multilayer structure between two electrochromic plastic layers, we create a flexible and lightweight ConverLight® foil. An electronic control unit automatically regulates the tone of the film and the solar transmission, for example by connecting to a sensor network. By applying a low electrical voltage to the electrochromic foil, the solar transmittance and tone are controlled discretely.

Since the foil only uses electricity during the time when the tone changes, it is very energy efficient. We also offer fully self-sustaining dynamic glass, powered by integrated solar cells. We have the environment in mind during the entire life cycle of the product and an environmental product declaration published, where the environmental impact of the product is declared.

Electrochromic glass – a unique dynamic glass laminate

The ConverLight foil is laminated between PVB foils and two tempered glass, which keeps it weather-protected. ConverLight dynamic glass laminate and insulating glass can be delivered in many different shapes like rectangle, triangle, polygon, round or ellipse and is the only commercially available electrochromic product that can be delivered in curved forms, thanks to the flexibility of the foil. Available in dimensions up to 1550×4400 mm with a thickness of 10-22 mm.
In addition to the dynamic glass properties, the only difference between ConverLight and ordinary glass is a two-pole cable connected to the laminate, which provides many functional and logistical benefits.


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