ConverLight Control Unit

The dynamic properties of the glass are controlled with a proprietary algorithm which is continuously variable between the light and dark state, resulting in a smooth and pleasant transition. The glass transition is noticeable within a few minutes and full transition takes approximately 20-40 minutes depending on the size and temperature of the dynamic glass. After complete transition, the glass does not require any drive voltage. ConverLight Control Unit (CCU) is small and easy to integrate into a wall, ceiling or connection box.

ChromoGenics Control System

ChromoGenics Control System (CCS) controls up to four zones (more as an option). Each zone is automatically controlled by battery-free and wireless light sensors that avoids wiring and damage to the facade or roof. Delivered pre-assembled and configured, CCS is easy to install. It can be overridden by or communicate with other building automation via Ethernet and MODBUS TCP/IP.

ChromoGenics Cloud

ChromoGenics Cloud (CC) is a web-based portal service where the user interface is adapted by permissions for operating personnel, property owners, tenants etc. A map overview shows the location of all properties including alarms and statistics. The property page visualizes functions, zones, sensors and alarms, which allows remote monitoring of a specific facility by the owner, third party supplier or ChromoGenics if so desired. The connection is automatic with Internet access to CCS.

Technical Specification CCSTechnical Specification CCU


A climate smart solar control glass solution providing full access to daylight and views. Our self-sustaining dynamic window is powered by a solar cell integrated in the window frame and is independent of any external control systems.
ConverLight AW has the same unique properties as ChromoGenics other products regarding silent operation and automatic adaptive solar control. Can be configured with all types of ChromoGenics dynamic glass and is as easily installed as a standard window.

  • Self-sustaining & self-regulating
  • Dynamic glass
  • Suitable both in new buildings and in retrofit projects
  • No maintenance or operating costs
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