The Hard Facts

Why ConverLight?

Numbers speak for themselves. No one can hide from them. Here are seven established facts that clearly shows the benefits of implementing ConverLight® Glass.


Solar Heat Reduction

ConverLight is not only about solar control, it’s about all aspects of indoor comfort. Our dynamic glass provides solar heat reduction up to 90% and our static glass up to 70%. This guarantees a pleasant indoor climate even if the sun is gazing all day on the facade.


Preservation of Daylight

Everybody needs daily contact with sunlight. With ConverLight, your glass will preserve a greater amount of daylight, increasing occupant comfort and working productivity.


Cooling Energy Reduction

ConverLight generates a stable indoor temperature. Compared with traditional solar control solutions for a typical office building, ConverLight can reduce cooling energy with up to 44%, cutting running costs.


Cooling Peak Load Reduction

The same comparison also shows an impressive cooling peak load reduction with 17%, leading to reduced HVAC investment requirements.


Increased indoor comfort

When considering hours above 25 C in a typical office without active cooling, compared with traditional solar control solutions, we are happy to reveal that ConverLight increases the indoor comfort with up to 76%.


UV Protection

With ConverLight dynamic glass you don’t have to fear the effects of direct sunlight. ConverLight’s unique laminate gives 100% UV protection of the interior.


Energy saving

With the ConverLight products you can achieve an energy saving of 30-40% in a property where the current glass is of the older 2-glass type.


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