ConverLight® AW

A self-sustaining dynamic window powered by the sun


  • Self-sustaining & self-regulating
  • Dynamic glass
  • Powered by solar cell integrated in the window frame
  • Independent of any external control systems
  • As easily installed as a standard window
  • Suitable both in new buildings and in retrofit projects
  • No maintenance or operating costs

More about ConverLight® AW

ConverLight AW is a plug and play solution delivered fully assembled and configurated as all technology is integrated in the window and its frame. ConverLight AW has all unique properties as ChromoGenics other products like silent operation and automatic adaptive solar control. The new product can be configured with all types of ChromoGenics dynamic glass like ConverLight 65, ConverLight 75.

A normal dynamic window is connected to automation systems and sensors to be able to shift between light and dark stages and by that automatically adapt to block the heat from the sunlight. ConverLight AW is powered by a solar cell integrated in the window frame and is by that independent of any external control systems. This is possible due to ConverLight’s very low power consumption. A small battery is also included in the frame to ensure the function during winter or long periods without sunlight.


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