Electrochromic glass that adjusts to optimize your comfort.

ChromoGenics leads the world in developing electrochromic products that save energy and increase comfort levels. Our unique patented technologies enable production of plastic foils with controllable optical characteristics – they become lighter or darker by applying a low electrical voltage.

By laminating our electrochromic plastic foil, ConverLight®, in dynamic glass structure - rather than coating the glass itself - we can contribute to more scalable and cost-effective glass manufacturing, utilizing existing market players and value chains, and thus accelerating market adoption of smart glass products.

Application areas are numerous, including controlled shading of windows in buildings, aircraft, motor vehicles and boats – wherever optical quality, visual comfort and temperature comfort contribute to safe and efficient operation.

By far the greatest savings in energy costs and productivity will come from architectural glass in residential and commercial buildings. Our development, manufacturing and marketing strategies are focused on that primary application.



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